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LOFT Mobile | A fully branded and customized 3D floorplanner iPad app



A custom LOFT 3D Floorplanner iPad app


The LOFT Mobile solution offers you a fully branded and customized 3D Floorplanner iPad app. Allow your customers to redecorate their own room with your furniture from their own sofa. LOFT is more than just a Floorplanner, it is an experience tool that enables both sales and customers to play in real 3D with furniture, walls and floors. Become more intimate with the customer’s room to:


salesClose deals quicker

ecommerceIncrease average basket size
wowCreate a WOW-experience

LOFT iPad app3D LOFT floorplanner app download






Measure your room

LOFT Mobile Measurement

Transform to a 3D space

LOFT Mobile 3D View

Start redecorating your room

LOFT Mobile Redecoration in 3D






3dTurn a 2D photo into a 3D playing ground
cleanCleaning of the room
maskingCover walls and floors
redecorateRedecorating the room
swipePinching and swiping

Your own LOFT iPad app


In-store or at home, use LOFT Mobile as an iPad Floorplanner where ever you or your customer need to. LOFT Mobile takes full advantage of the possibilities of the iPad and the LOFT core engine.

Wow your customers with your own fully branded customized Floorplanner app, and let them experience your products feel and look in their own room.

Either run LOFT Mobile singular or combine it with your LOFT Web implementation, to create a real Omni Channel experience.

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LOFT allows us to turn a customers house into a home

John Seebeck, VP e-commerce Crate&Barrel
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LOFT Floorplanner App



instoreIn store / at home experience
salesAdditional sales channel
omniOmni Channel Experience
customizableCustomizable to your brand
ecommerceE-commerce integration

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