The Ultimate 3D Customer Experience Engine. Inspired by Reality. For Furniture Retail, Manufacturers and Real Estate


Inspired by Reality

The Ultimate 3D Customer Experience Engine for the Furniture Retail and Manufacturing Market. Watch the video on the left to see what LOFT can do for your business.


The story of LOFT

Wouldn’t it be great? The thought that crossed the minds of the founders of LOFT for many years. Now only 4 years later LOFT has taken them from wouldn’t it be great, to isn’t it great. Read the entire story of LOFT.

LOFT allows us to turn a customers house into a home

John Seebeck, VP e-commerce Crate&Barrel
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LOFT is the ultimate 3D customer experience engine, inspired by reality. Create an experience beyond your average 3D floorplanner, by using just a single photo of the customer’s room. LOFT enables you to create a 3D experience from this 2D picture, it cleans the room from any unwanted clutter and becomes a playing ground for you and your customer. Become more intimate with the customer’s room to close deals quicker, increase average basket sizes and make the experience unforgettable. We offer 4 solutions. Integrate LOFT in your website, using LOFT Web or create your own custom iPad app, using LOFT Mobile. For Furniture Manufacturers and for the Real Estate market, LOFT offers Rooomy as solution. See what fits your business best, to create an omni channel customer experience. 


Rooomy ronnects Real Estate & Furniture Retail to the customer

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Integrate LOFT Web within your site to provide your customers with a 24/7 3D showroom.



Use LOFT Mobile on the iPad where ever you or your customer need to.


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Vision Statements by LOFT

At LOFT we know about the Furniture Retail Business. We talk to a lot of people, we see the market evolve and we have developed our products based on (future) developments in the market. We have combined external research and our own knowledge in four vision statements that in our eyes are four main issues the Furniture Retail faces.
Every statement consists of a whitepaper, a blog on our site, an animation, an infographic and is closed of with a 30 minute live webcast. Browse the four statements and reach out to us to share your struggles or vision on them. Every statement will be followed up by the next. If you can’t wait for the next statement, please contact us using the contact form.


Webrooming by LOFT





The benefits of LOFT

Integrate the LOFT patent pending technology into your digital strategy to provide a unique customer experience, generate incremental product sales, and uncover a wealth of new business intelligence about your customers. Experience the benefits in 40 seconds:



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“At Carpet Court, LOFT ticks all the boxes for us”

Natasha Gallardo, National Marketing Manager Carpet Court
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